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Construction of the Gas-chemical enterprise
The Gas-chemical enterprise of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) includes:
1.       Construction and operation of trial setting with production of 3.5 thousand tons of methanol and 1.5 thousand tons of oil products per year
2.       Construction of the Gas-chemical enterprise with production of:
  • 610 thousand tons of oil products per year,
  • 450 thousand tons of methanol (with expansion to 1.5 million tons)
  • 200 thousand tons of ammonia
It is expected the Enterprise will be put into operation during the period from 2012 to 2016.
The first stage – the first triggering complex (450 thousand tons of methanol per year) – $281.7 million dollars.
The central Yakutia (3200 km –distance to the port of Nakhodka), concerning the Asian markets, is not only located more favourably from the geographical point of view in comparison with the Irkutsk region (4200 km) and the Krasnoyarsk Territory (5300 km), but also has all necessary infrastructure for implementation of such project:
Two runs of the main gas piping are located throughout the rout; an additional run of gas piping is situated on considerable part of rout; and the last run of gas piping is in a completion stage. Construction is conducted at the expense of the republican budget within the program of gasification and at the expense of investments from the federal budget. Completion date: 2013.
After completion of construction transport opportunities will reach 4.5 billion cubic meters per year.
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