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Optogan is one of the fastest growing players within the European LED lighting market and one of the few vertically integrated manufacturers for LED components, LED lamps and luminaires worldwide. The company is a leader in LED technologies with innovative, cost efficient and high quality lighting modules.

The Optogan Group has its production sites in Landshut (Germany) and Petersburg (Russia). Our international team of more than 350 professionals takes a positive approach to challenges and uses its expertise to combine the worlds of physics and energy efficiency with cost-effective production technologies and environmental responsibility. Our LED experts clearly differentiate themselves through their innovative ideas, outstanding technical knowledge and strong customer orientation.

Optogan offers full flexibility for each level of integration of LED products. Based on the wish of the customer, we will select the right approach. Either LED components,COB Sytems from 5W-500W, LED lamps or luminaire solutions are possible. Highly efficient and innovative product line-ups await your final choice.

Lamps and luminaires with highly attractive ecological and economical features are key growth drivers for Optogan. Focus segments at the current time include outdoor, office and industrial lighting with outstanding luminaire efficiency levels. We invite lamp and luminaire manufacturers from all over the world to contact us to discuss the possibility of regional cooperations.

  • LED chips
  • Superbright LEDs
  • LED modules
  • LEDs on Chip-on-Board technology
  • LED lamps and lamps for various purposes
  • development and production of LED chips for specific requirements of customers
  • consulting about LEDs usage in lighting equipment production
  • light audit of objects; drawing up of detailed feasibility reports carrying out installation of LED lighting equipment; consulting of LED usage at the design and construction stages

Advantages of LED lamps:
  • energy efficiency
  • long operation life
  • environmental friendliness (lack of toxic components)
  • possibility of intelligent lighting systems installation
  • LED shedding most precisely reproduces a day solar spectrum and doesn't contain harmful ultra-violet rays unlike luminescent lamps
  •  despite relative high cost of LED lamps, their payback period today makes up from 1,5 to 4 years
Investment offer:
  • We offer you to take up possibility of acquisition of 16.06% stake in the “Optogan” company
  • The beneficiare of 16.06% stake is JSC «Republican Investment Company», being in property of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).
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