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About us.

From the 2010 year we have been obtaining funds into investment projects located in the Sakha Republic. We are ready to offer you a participation in specific investment projects.

RIC-Finance cooperates with the government of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) and private companies and helps them organize mutually beneficial partnership that yields profitable investments for both. RIC-Finance assists government of Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in the selection, examination and preparation of investment projects. RIC-Finance acts as a “client center”, bringing together local authorities and investors. This allows project participants to exchange information quickly.

RIC-Finance’s unique position as a private company with strong ties to the government allows us to address all of the investor’s concerns and gives us ability to engage in a dialogue with regional official on behalf of the investors. If you have your own investment projects and start-ups to set up in the Sakha Republic we can render assistance in coordination with local authorities.
About Region

The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) ranks first in the Russian Federation by total reserves of natural resources. It’s raw material potential is estimated at 78.4 trillion RUB or $2.5 trillion USD.

«…The Sakha Republic (Yakutia) is the largest constituent entity of the Russian Federation and one of its richest depositories of resources. Naturally, sustainable and dynamic development of Yakutia is of key importance for both the Far Eastern District and Russia on whole...»

Vladimir Putin


- leader in LED technologies with innovative, cost efficient and high quality lighting modules.

RFA-Invest Bonds:
Amount: 2 200 000 000 rubles
Maturity: 3 years
Government guarantee

Gas-chemical enterprise
The first stage – the first triggering complex (450 thousand tons of methanol per year) – $281.7 million dollars


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